FOAMcast - An Emergency Medicine Podcast

This week we review the Tox Talk podcast, Episode 23, Mushrooms. Key pearls 

Clitocybe, Inocybe - contain muscarine which stimulates muscarinic receptors (acetylcholine/parasympathetic), causing a cholinergic toxidrome. 

  • Memory aid: these mushrooms end in -yBE, akin to the "killer B's" that make cholinergic toxicity deadly - bradycardia, bronchorrhea, bronchospasm.

Gyromitra - (false morel)

  • Memory aid: gyromitra named because they look like the gyri of the brain and, conveniently, make the brain seize through depletion of GABA. 

Amanita phalloides - the mushroom equivalent of acetaminophen toxicity.

Then, we delve into core content pearls on accidental hypothermia using Rosenalli (Rosen's Emergency Medicine and Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Review Guide).  

As always, visit for show notes and the generously donated Rosh Review questions.

Thanks y'all!

-Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer