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We review the FOAM from SMACC GOLD, Dr. David Story's "Is Chloride A Poison?" for a great primer on the Stewart method to acid-base.  The Strong Ion Difference (SID) is essentially Sodium minus Chloride (Na - Cl). Normal = 38; a higher SID indicates metabolic alkalosis and a lower SID indicates a metabolic acidosis.  "Normal Saline" has a whopping amount of chloride, which decreases the SID and has been associated with acidosis, renal insufficiency in critically ill patients, and, perhaps, mortality.

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Key Texts: Tintinalli (7e) Chapters 19,21 ; Rosen's (8e) Chapters 124, 125

FOAM Resources: Acid-Base ala EMCrit I/II/III/IVHyponatremia - EMBasic, Hyponatremia-ERCastHyponatremia - EMCrit

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