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FOAMcast is bringing you pearls from conferences we attend and, first up, the American College of Emergency Physicians annual meeting, ACEP14.  

Today's Pearls:

Emergency Physicians are like economists (We're more probalisticians than diagnosticians).

Cardiology pearls from Dr. Slovis - TTM to 36 Celsius post-arrest should be standard. Many people probably could benefit from caths after arrest, we're not sure exactly who at this point.

Patients returning from West Africa with fever probably have a regular virus, maybe malaria, but probably not ebola.

There's really not much use for glucagon in calcium channel blocker toxicity. Think supportive care, insulin-dextrose.

ETCO2 - it doesn't equal PaCO2 and it depends on cardiac output and alveolar ventilation  

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Thanks for listening, y'all!

Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer

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