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The FOAM realm has teamed with interest in a randomized trial in the ICU by Semler et al, the FELLOW trial. This week we cover some aspects of this trial, such as statistical power, highlighted in some of the following Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) posts


Then, we delve into core content on epistaxis and sinusitis using Rosenalli (Tintinalli (7e) Chapter 239, “Epistaxis, Nasal Fractures, and Rhinosinusitis.” Rosen’s  (8e) Chapter 75, “Upper Respiratory Infection.", "Otolaryngology") as a guide.

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Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer

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We cover a trick of the trade from Dr. Brian Lin, posted on the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM site) on hemostasis in finger tip avulsions. Dr. Lin also has his own excellent FOAM site on all things laceration -

We also cover FOAM on dogma of wound care from Dr. Ken Milne's The Skeptic's Guide to Emergency Medicine, Episode #63


Then we cover laceration and wound care core content pearls using Rosenalli (Rosen's Emergency Medicine and Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Review).

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