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We cover an episode of The Skeptic's Guide to Emergency Medicine that covers a validation study of the Step by Step approach to pediatric fever.  This approach to infants with a fever <3 months old is alluring as it does not necessitate a lumbar puncture.  This algorithm had a better sensitivity and negative predictive value than the Rochester criteria.   The approach did miss some infants with a serious bacterial infection and these tended to be those between 21 and 28 days old and those with fever onset <2 hours prior to arrival. 

We cover Chapter 116 in Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine (8th ed) and Rosen's on pediatric fever.

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-Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer

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We cover a post from the fantastic St. Emlyn's team which breaks down a recently published article in Annals of Emergency Medicine comparing diazepam with placebo in patients with acute low back pain.  We recommend you read the full text of the article by Friedman et al.

We delve into core content on red flags in back pain and spinal epidural abscess using Rosen's Emergency Medicine and Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Chapter 279 as a guide.

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Lauren Westafer and Jeremy Faust

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