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In this episode we briefly review hyperkalemia and the principles of emergent treatment. Then we explore, in-depth, the role of insulin and dextrose including the incidence of hypoglycemia and pearls to reduce this side effect.


  • 10-20% of patients treated with insulin/dextrose for hyperkalemia get hypoglycemic
  • Consider giving 5 units insulin instead of 10 units
  • Check the glucose for hours (dextrose lasts <1 hr, insulin lasts ≥2 hours)
  • Beware of insulin in patients with renal insufficiency or with near normal starting glucose.

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We discuss the US Food & Drug Administration's black box warning for droperidol and the evidence behind this warning.

We then discuss the use of butyrophenones such as droperidol and haloperidol for the treatment of agitation, headaches, nausea and vomiting, and gastroparesis/cannabinoid hyperemesis.


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Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer 

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