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FOAMcast will be back shortly with regular core content-cutting edge mash ups; however, we wanted to take a moment to focus on a conference that inadvertently created FOAMcast...and is coming to Chicago in June 2015.

 SMACC - Chicago (#smaccUS) June 23-26, 2015. Registration begins Nov 5, 2014

There are too many core content lectures to choose from and they're available on iTunes.

Our favorites are listed on and here we review:

Dr. Haney Mallemat - The Art and Science of Fluid Responsiveness

Dr. Scott Weingart - Sepsis in New York: Our First 15,000 Patients

Dr. Cliff Reid - Resuscitation Dogmalysis

Dr. Rob Mac Sweeney - ARDS: An Evidence Based Update

Timing, Tribes, and STEMIs


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