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We cover two bits of FOAM,Emergency Medicine Literature of Note - Dr. Ryan Radecki - on the use of meclizine for vertigo and EMcrit - Dr. Scott Weingart on the HiNTs exam.

Then we delve into some of the problems with the HiNTs exam including it can only be performed on patients with continuous vertigo and that external validity is a major issue with HiNTs.

Then, we delve into core content on vertigo using Rosen’s Medicine (8e) Chapter 19,  and Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide  (7e) Chapter 164 “Vertigo and Dizziness."

Thanks for listening!

Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer

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ACEP published the clinical policy on the use of tPA for acute ischemic stroke in June.  We covered the draft in January in a FOAMcastini.  Given some significant changes, we wanted to update y'all to ensure we deliver accurate information.

We review the changes and then tap our tPA brain trust, Drs. Anand Swaminathan, Ken Milne, Ryan Radecki, and David Newman for expert opinion.

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